Cuban Crocodile

Cuban Crocodile

Crocodylus rhombifer are found lurking in Cuba’s Zapata Swamp, the Isle of Youth and in various zoos due to the fact that the animal is highly endangered. The Cuban Crocodile is smaller than the American Crocodile but it demonstrates a more aggressive and dominant behavior. Besides its behavior, there are other characteristics that set it apart from its counterpart, the American Crocodile. They carry a brighter and rougher layer of skin with more protruding scales, and are equipped with strong, long legs making them more agile. Although males can reach lengths of 11ft and weigh up to 470 lbs, adults are typically measured from 7-7.5 ft and weighed at 150-180 lbs. They feed off small fish, crustaceans, and arthropods as young, and upgrade to mammals, turtles, and other fish as they get older. Even though the Cuban Crocodile is a ferocious animal, its only predator, mankind has found a way to hunt this particular species nearly into extinction.


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